Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tree in progress....and knowing when to stop.

Upon Vince's request (friend here at work) I decided to scan and post this sketch before I
"finish". Why??? because Vince and I had a conversation the other day about knowing when to stop with a painting, drawing, etc. He thought it was a good time to stop, and he liked how the pen fully rendered looked in contrast to the sketchy pencil. I can't exactly call this finished though...I "need" to finish it with pen...fully rendered. Sooo this is for Vince...raise your glasses! to Vince!

I will continue to post this image as I move along :)

Update #01

Update #02

Update #3


Manuela Valenti said...

Although I understand what you are saying about finishing the drawing with the pen, I can see how your friend Vince likes the one that's not complete. It looks more modern in a way. Even though I really like the finished piece, I very much like progress No. 2

Joseph Cross said...

Thanks for you feedback. I might just try and finish a drawing that way...hmmm.. it's so hard to stop fully rendering a piece haha!

Anonymous said...

i will put it on my wall like this as well :)

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