Monday, August 17, 2009

"Brown County Daydreaming"

"Brown County Daydreaming"
4x6 Ink Drawing

Finally finished a new ink drawing today. I have always loved visiting Brown County IN, and have been thinking about it a bit lately.


boneman said...

I like it!
That feeling of the perspective of the fields gets overlooked by folks in the city because they're usually driving by so danged fast!
We get the better view because we stop and look.
Sugar Creek Bridge...
Was that the bridge from up by the Scotland Church? Inbetween boone county and Clinton county?
i took a couple of pokes at painting it, too.
One in the Fall, one in the Spring from opposite sides of the bank.
I wondered if you knew anything about the bridge itself?
My name is Berry Connell, and my e-mail is,
(lucked out with haveing the original name, eh?)

Lumi 9 Painting said...

Well done!

- darick