Thursday, January 20, 2011

New paintings to come! and a dose of inspiration.

I finally got my oils out and worked on two pieces last weekend. They are almost finished, and will be posted as soon as they are. Felt great to put the brush to the canvas again!

On another note...My wife and I visited the Sugar Creek Art Center, Thorntown, IN. last Friday.
An artist named Heidi Harner was featured...and let me tell you, I truly enjoyed her work. So much so that we purchased one of her paintings. What stood out to me was her paintings of horses. She is able to capture the moment like few I have seen before. Her layering also helps the paintings truly breath. She has very beautiful Plein Air Landscapes as well. I definitely look forward to seeing more work of hers in the future!

Check her work out!

You can find her on Facebook as well. She is always posting new work and updates.

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