Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Ice-Burg" Project for our Church


Pen and Ink
8" x 8"

version 01

This is an illustration I am creating for study material in our Church.
I will post the final asap.


V....Vaughan said...

oooo, I like this one!!!...and am curious about the lesson :)

Joseph Cross said...

Thank you :) The lesson is built around Romans. The idea of the lesson is to use Romans to help shed light on what God's way's are compared to the World's. In this study we use the illustration of the ice burg as a representation of us or someone we know. What they show us above water and how they interact or react to us...or to the world isn't exactly all there is. Underneath there is more...and underneath may shed light on where their world view, outlook on life, expectations, etc come from. Good stuff! :)

Joseph Cross said...

oh....and this idea then leads us into talking about how we should approach people, carefully and lovingly..or we may cause harm due to what lies beneath.

Love your artwork by the way Vaughan!