Friday, January 11, 2008

My Rural Influence

Night Time, Oil on Canvas

Farm Down the Fence Row, Pen

Small Creek, Pen n Ink

Indiana Farm, Oil Pastels

All my life I have loved creating art, whether it be pencil, pen, oils, acrylic, etc. The ability to recreate memories or express myself through art mediums has driven me from day one. Growing up in rural Indiana, a lot of my influence in my artwork came and continues to come from the beautiful landscapes that Indiana is blessed with. Above is a couple examples of my artwork. A lot of the landscapes I create actually come from my imagination of which this one did. As I continue to learn more and sharpen my skills it excites me to use tools like this blog to get feedback from folks like you.

1 comment:

Vince Gorman said...

The color on the first one is stupendous, love it.